How to Solve “Chassis is Intruded ! Fatal Error …. System Halted” Problem

Chassis Intruded

Issues an error message “Chassis intruded ! Fatal Error System Halted” when we turn on the computer, usually to enter the BIOS even guns could be. Causes can be many things such as long-PC fire, viruses and the like, the game / games in the brain which then tweaking or overclocking or hardware installation error.

Basically showing this problem on ASUS Mother Board BIOS. Many of forums suggest theses steps for resolving the problem …non of it worked for me so i toke it from another angle. Before start talking about the physical solution i would like to suggest some first steps to resolve the problem without change any Chip from the Mother Board.

So Please if you have The Chassis intrusion message that appear like this on the start of your PC.

Problem “Chassis Intruded ! Fatal Error ….. System Halted.” Note : Mother Board most be out of electricity in all of these steps.

  1. Check if your PC Chassis is closed “A sensor on the chassis most be pushed when closing the cover”.
  2. If the problem persist check the Chassis intrusion Jumper on your Mother Board “See the manual user for your Mother Board before removing or changing the place of any Jumper” a jumper most be placed on the in Pin-1 and Pin-2 this is the right jumper position to deactivate the chassis intrusion option after that you should remove the CMOS battery and Clear the CMOS settings by placing the CRLTC jumper on pin 2 and pin 3 for almost 10 Seconds then place it again between Pin 1 and Pin 2 after that put the CMOS battery then start your pc and check if the problem persist again.
  3. If non of that work and still have the same problem so this is the final solution. People who want do it should have some electronic repair knowledge on remmoving dead Micro Chips.

After that try to turn on the computer and there will be at show option for the BIOS press F1 or F2 to the BIOS default settings “Option directly into Windows”. Press F1 go to BIOS setting and setup Date, Time and First Boot option and Save & Exit (F10).

This common problem with ASUS Mother Boards. Try this solutions :

  • Clear CMOS
  • Change RAM Slots
  • Change chassis intrusion position jumper
  • If possible load system defaults of your BIOS

14 Responses to How to Solve “Chassis is Intruded ! Fatal Error …. System Halted” Problem

  1. F.Lalruatpuia says:

    Great…!!!! Thanking for posting the How to solve problems..

  2. jignesh patel says:

    Chassis is Intruded ! Fatal Error …. System Halted” Problem . Required reason as well solution . As we tried all the necessary possibilities problem yet persistent.

    PL. help.

  3. jignesh patel says:

    Pl. help.

  4. Marty says:

    The chassis intrusion pins should be 1 5V, 2 blank, 3 chassis signal? and 4 ground. Normally you’ll have a jumper on pin 3 and 4. I found my pin 3 and 4 were connected (tested with multimeter with the jumper removed). Problem was the “ground” pin wasn’t actually ground and had something like 1.6V. Now i’ve tried absolutely everything and there are ALOT of these chassis intruded fatal error system halted threads. None of them provided a solution for me. I have the Asus P5Q-VM, and ran it without a cmos battery so that i don’t have to reset it the whole time. This allowed me one boot at default bios settings. As soon as i go into the bios and change anything, save and reboot … chassis error again. Anyway long story short… Connect the ground pin to ground! I have a cable connected to pin 4(should have been ground) and then connected to a ground point (currenly straight into a molex) Issue solved. No doubt it’s a hardware issue, but this bypasses it!

  5. It worked for me..

    i tried

    Clearing CMOS,
    Moved RAM to other slot,
    and load default bios setup..

    thanks 4 posting

  6. it solved my problem..

    i tried the following:

    Reset BIOS,
    Moved RAM to other slot,
    Load default BIOS setup.

    my pc is working now,
    thanks 4 d post

  7. biki junior says:

    I was tried…but the problem is remain the asus motherboar is P5SD2-VM…

  8. ANEESH says:

    i have try the all solution but problem remain the same…my asus mother board is P5SD2-VM…

  9. Mukul Sutradhar says:

    Problem”Chassis Intruded Fatal error system Halted”.
    When I turn on the server (Motherboard model Asus P7F-C/SAS), the above error message appears, then I can not approach. then I have to turn OFF the server, clear CMOS battery again when I turn on server, F1/ F2 options gives. To enter the os i must have to Press F2 to load default. If I restart the Server, again this error Message appears. pls guide me….

  10. EKA says:

    I am trying to use the motherboard from an ASUS V series M2V890 to an older ASUS that had a K8V-MX inside.

    I thought that this would be pretty easy since its the same type of ASUS Barebone. One from 2002 and the other from 2007. The barebones has ATXmicro motherboards. The boards keeps getting smaller. And the new one I bought is even smaller.

    But the problem with the system halt comes up no matter what I do. I also need to reset the CMOS or take out the bios battery in order to be able to choose F2 so the OS can start from the harddrive. What I also experience is that the BIOS prority has for some reason changed. At first when the CMOS is reset its only the ASUS bios that works. This is the bios/cmos that gives you the option to push F1 or F2 to go into bios or the OS of your choise.

    When I have been in widows for awhile and then do a restart. Another BIOS logo comes up during the reboot. The American Megatrends Dos logo. Does anyone know if there are any jumper to change this or is there a processor setting in the ASUS bios that need to be set to keep things as they should be??
    Or is this just another neverending PC nightmare???

  11. enoo says:

    my motherboard is m2n BIOS 12/50/2099
    i update bios
    and again…date/time 12/50/2099
    BIOS not save any seting

  12. manish kumar says:

    Thanks for this solution
    its working
    Thanks agen

  13. vikram says:

    Thanks bro it’s working

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