How to Fix Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter

Disk Boot Failure is a problem which arises when you try to boot the computer from the files installed on a disk which could be hard disk.

Here are some cases that can occur, including :

The computer can not boot with an error, the computer is booting, but then came the blue screen and the computer is booting, but then restarts again.

For booting the computer problems that appear blue screen, I have discussed in a posting on how to fix computer blue screen. So also with the causes and how to fix computer fix computer often restarts and hangs often I have described in a posting some time ago yag. As for the computer can not boot at all, here there are several causes that can occur.

It is usually characterized by the emergence of the Disk Boot failure message. To overcome this problem, we can do some things diataranya:

1. Check the condition of the IDE cable or SATA hard drive, make sure it is installed correctly.
2. For the second IDE hard drive attached to a cable, check the position of the jumper settings for Master and Slavenya so do not cross post.
3. Check if the HDD has been detected by the BIOS or not, try in-detect one by one. If the same BIOS ga means the problem was detected on the hard drive.
4. Try to hold the disk surface, to the hard drive of life will feel the vibration.

Materials Needed :
- A large number of disks to boot the system
- Piece of cloth
- Screw driver to open the cabinet
- Wires

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