Buy Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name

Bluehost is a top reputed company to host your website and you also get one free domain name, so it makes it easier for a newbie to start online.

In this step by step guide, you will learn how you can buy your Web hosting and domain name in next 5 minute.

Head over to and click on get started (Screen might change in future, but the steps will remain the same)

On the next page you will see two options:

  • Enter a new Domain name: Bluehost offers you one free domain name, so you can either add the domain name you wish to buy right now or if you already have an existing domain name, you can avail your free domain name later.
  • I have a domain name: If you want to use any existing domain name which you already own, you should enter it here and it will become your primary domain name.

In this tutorial, I’m entering a new domain name and processing with my first hosting purchase. Make sure the domain name you enter is available, you can use free service like BustAName to brainstorm new domain name.

On the next page, you need to enter the contact details. Make sure you enter the correct detail as BlueHost sometimes randomly check and ask for the verification (scan copy of Government approved ID) to avoid spammers and others users to misusing their service.

The next and most important step is to select the package which you want to buy. Since you have used above link ( That’s a special discounted link), you will be getting discounted price for hosting.

I would suggest select 24 or 36 months tenures to save money, as you can’t get a discount at the time of renewal. More over, uncheck all add-on service as you might not need it right now.

You can always add add-on service later from your Bluehost cPanel. Minimum term is for 12 months.

Make payment and select password:

The second last step is to make the payment via credit card or PayPal. Be default you will see only credit card option and if you wish to make payment via Paypal, click on more options.

Click on next to finish the final step. On the next screen, you need to choose a password for your login; you can use password generator on the same page to create a complex password.

It will take about 5-10 minutes for Bluehost to send you login details of your new hosting account in your Email. You can now login and start playing with your Bluehost cPanel.


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