1. First, very nice guide!
    But, I followed your steps and i’ve got this error during mail testing section:

    (1/1) FatalThrowableError
    Class ‘App\Http\Controllers\Auth\SendVerificationEmail’ not found

    I added the following lines to the RegisterController (as you say in the guide):

    use Illuminate\Auth\Events\Registered;
    use Illuminate\Http\Request;
    use App\Jobs\SendEmailVerification;

    Can you help me? Sorry me for my bad english..

  2. have you run this command in your terminal php artisan make:job SendVerificationEmail

    After adding these use App\Jobs\SendEmailVerification;
    are you still getting error.. ?
    I think when you add this : use App\Jobs\SendEmailVerification; the error should gone…


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